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Baby B'air Infant Travel Harness - Small - Infant/Newborn

Baby B'air Infant Travel Harness - Small - Infant/Newborn - 90211

by: Baby B'air

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The Baby B'Air Flight Vest is the ONLY SAFETY SOLUTION for lap held children who fly. The patent pending design secures your child to your lap belt to protect your child against the unexpected dangers of turbulence and to keep your child safely on your lap during flight* while allowing freedom of movement to comfort, feed and cuddle your child.

Over 90% of all injuries on commercial airlines occur during flight, yet children held in parents laps are unrestrained. The Baby B'Air Flight Vest has been tested to exceed FAA stress tests levels for aircraft seats, yet is comfortable and easy to wear allowing the child to be held, fed and changed while in the garment.

Infant Size: fits 6 weeks - 6 months, with a neck opening for heads to 16 1/2 inches.
Toddler Size: fits 6 months - 2 years, with neck opening for heads up to 19 1/2 inches. Child up to 40lbs.

*The FAA requires children over 2 to have their own seat.
*The Baby B'Air is not a car seat and cannot be used during takeoff, taxi, and landing. The Baby B'Air provides protection during flight when the majority (over 90%) of injuries occur and your child is most vulnerable.