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Boon  MODSTER Sippy 10 oz Firm Spout - Orange

Boon MODSTER Sippy 10 oz Firm Spout - Orange - B10042

by: Boon

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A cool sippy cup that grows with your child. Have the pick of the Modster litter and choose between a soft spout for those new to the sippy cup world or a firm spout for the pros. And unlike the potential for a big spill with a regular cup, we can tell you there's nothing scary about our leak resistant spouts. Your child can enjoy the beverage of his or her choice in two different colors and sizes, plus, mix and match tops and lids; they're all interchangeable. We'll totally drink to that.


  • Silicone valve detaches for free-flow drinking
  • Handles perfect for child's grasp
  • Soft spout for beginner stages
  • Includes cap for on-the-go